💨 The short version

Early-stage venture-backed startup looking for frontend engineer to use React.js, Typescript, GraphQL to help build out our web application. Good fit if you like moving fast, having impact and working on a variety of different things. 

📍Where do you come in?

We are growing. Based on that both our customer base and product complexity is growing and so the amount of work on the frontend increases accordingly. 

And although the engineering team is the biggest team in the company we do have only one Frontend Engineer so far

That being said – you will be the second Frontend Engineer on the team at AhoyConnect. Therefore you will be able to have a lot of impact by helping us to build the design system, new features and much more to come in the future!

⚙️ Tech Stack 

  • React.js and Typescript on the frontend
  • GraphQL for API communication (using Apollo Client)
  • Eslint, prettier and others as a code quality tools
  • GitHub Actions for workflow automation

🎯 The impact you’ll make by joining us 

Within 1 month you’ll:

  • Complete our onboarding process – which will help you ramp up on our company, vision, product, key objectives, and how your role will contribute to all of those!
  • Dive deeper into our product development process and understand how we go from concept to design to implementation
  • Explore and start improving our internal design system by both rebuilding current components as well creating new ones
  • Understand the application logic through debugging specific parts of the product and fixing smaller bugs

Within 3 months you’ll:

  • Continuously improve the design system together with our Product Designer and we will expect you to already be coming up with suggestions for improvements in this area
  • Collaborate on specific features with the rest of the product team (other engineers, product manager and product designer)
  • Have made a visible impact on the product for all AhoyConnect users

Within 6+ months you’ll (and as we are still an early-stage startup – this might change pretty a lot in the time): 

  • Own some of the features end to end from frontend perspective
  • Understand the product at scale and think more about our architecture and tooling
  • … help us to make every online community out there much better! 

💪 Skills you’ll need (a.k.a. must-haves)

  • React.js + Typescript are must-haves!
  • Decent knowledge of GraphQL
  • Strong ability to build scalable and performant web applications using the above mentioned technologies
  • Ability to apply modern development workflows (we use agile, 2-weeks sprints)

➕ We’d be really excited if (a.k.a. nice-to-haves)

  • You have experience with Apollo Client
  • You are interested in tooling and other ways how to make an engineer's life easier #DevExperience


🤔 Why this role might not be a fit

  • You aren’t interested in an early-stage startup environment.  We care a lot about our team members and we try to avoid the chaos of the popular caricatures of startups. That being said, we seek to move quickly, we seek to do what’s best for our customers (sometimes without a lot of guidance), and you’ll be more resource-constrained than working at a larger company (e.g., Facebook, Google). In these big tech companies your base compensation might be also a bit higher though your efforts can much more directly impact how valuable the equity upside is here. That environment might be exciting – or it might not align with what you’re looking for.
  • You’re uncomfortable with change and ambiguity. Don't take us wrong. It doesn't mean we are changing foundational stuff every second day. No! We are really trying to build a solid foundation and keep building on top of that. We are just saying – if we all do our jobs well, the company will continue to grow rapidly. And that might mean your role will likely shift in scope to accommodate that growth and that new challenges will emerge that we don’t yet have the answers to. Depending on what you’re looking for, that dynamic may not be a fit (which is OK)!
  • You don’t have strong communication skills.  Given the size of our team and how closely we work together, we really care about having everyone on the team be both willing and active communicators internally (in written and verbal forms).  If you’re looking for a role where you have limited interaction with your teammates and aren’t expected to help keep other stakeholders informed or weigh in on decisions, then we might not be a good match.

Who you’ll be working with 🤝

Alex, our Engineering Manager, will be the one you'll be reporting to. Michal, our CTO and one of the founding team members oversee the technical leadership in our engineering team. You will join Tomas (the only frontend engineer), yet another Tomas, Sérgio, Filip, or Andre, and more people in our engineering team, where everyone works together and contributes to the success of our product. And of course, we really believe in the power of a strong and cross-functional product team. That being said you will also be working closely together with Kubo, our Head of Product, or Kamil, our product designer (who does not have LinkedIn). 

What's in it for you?

💰 Fair salary +  employee stock options

💻 MacBook Pro (or your preferred laptop)

🏡 Yearly home-office stipend for remote work equipment of $500/year

🌴 Unlimited vacation and sick days

📚 Budget for online courses, books, conferences, language lessons of $1500/year

🧘 Health & Wellness monthly allowance of $50 (this could be a gym subscription, a massage, or Headspace subscription)

🎀 Regular recognition, gifts, and awards

🏄🏼 Team retreats with Surf Office

... and many more to come as we listen to your needs!

About Ahoy 👋

We believe community-led is the ‘next big thing’ for how creators, startups, and enterprises grow, but... today, community managers lack the understanding of what really happens inside their audience and what value it brings. That is why we’re building AhoyConnect - a community data intelligence platform, that enables organizations to understand, grow, engage, automate, and derive value from their audiences.

We closed our Seed investment round in September 2021, launched the product, and onboarded the first customers. This is just the first, tiny step – we aim to build a successful global business that will shape the future of community-led growth. We want you to have an impact and be a part of this journey!

Our teammates gained experience from companies such as InVision, Dropbox, LinkedIn, Hopin, Segment, Delivery Hero, or Productboard.

About our culture 🗿

We are a remote-first team that values integrity, ownership, clear communication, and the discussion of facts and opinions. We trust our people to tell us how things should be done, not the other way round. We run retreats (both before and after covid) – e.g., we've spent more than a month in Southeast Asia with the whole team. And in October 2021 we spent a week in Mallorca together ☀️ We are a bunch of driven and collaborative teammates coming out of various places and backgrounds (10+ nationalities on the team!). Flexible working hours, asynchronous yet collaborative work, and having as few internal meetings and procedures as possible are not buzzwords to us. We live them.

Type of employment: Full-time independent contractor for an indefinite period (B2B invoice). If you haven't worked this way before, please find more information here on working as a contractor in your location.

Ahoy is an equal opportunity employer that is committed to diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Please do not hesitate to apply using the button below!

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