About Aztec

At Aztec we believe privacy isn’t just a fundamental right, but a creative force for web3. Our goal is to unleash the full potential of decentralized technologies by building an open, privacy-first network with no compromises.

Privacy enable use cases that otherwise would not be possible and accelerate mainstream adoption. The next wave of web3 applications will require programmable privacy. Aztec’s technology empowers developers with the tools to build private applications and bring their ideas to reality. 

Our journey started while building an application to bring syndicated loans on chain. We realized that our idea was a nonstarter without privacy. There were no solutions to offer privacy on public blockchains - so we sought out to build it ourselves. Since then, we've made industry-leading advances in cryptography, and deployed a private money platform and a private DeFi platform.

To realize our vision of implementing privacy on a public blockchain, we are building a world-class team of cryptographers, engineers, and ecosystem builders. Supporting us on this journey are leading investors including Paradigm, Variant, Consensys, and a_capital. 

Role focus

We are looking for a software engineer with experience in high-level language architectures and compiler design.

You will be working with Noir's lead designer Kevaundray Wedderburn to develop the language and enhance its features.

Noir is written in rust, which will be the core language you will be working with as part of our team.

Our cryptography backend, barretenberg, is written in C++. Knowledge of C++ would also be helpful as part of interfacing Noir's frontend with barretenberg.

Your role will focus on helping us with the following projects:

  • Further develop and refine the semantics of Noir
  • Develop debugging tools for Noir
  • Writing documentation and specifications for Noir

The latest version of Noir can be found at https://github.com/noir-lang/noir Our cryptography backend can be found at https://github.com/AztecProtocol/aztec-2-bug-bounty/tree/master/barretenberg

Required experience

  • 2+ years experience with at least one low-level programming language, ideally rust
  • 1+ years experience with developing programming language backends and/or frontends
  • Strong focus on code quality and simplicity
  • Some experience implementing cryptographic protocols is preferrable but not required

Few of these are hard requirements - but what we certainly want is:

  • A drive to learn and willingness to dive into the weeds of highly complex code

We offer

  • A highly competitive compensation package (including equity)
  • Flexible with remote working
  • 25 days holiday + bank holidays
  • An opportunity to work with a world class cryptography and engineering team
  • An opportunity to work at the cutting edge of blockchain and fintech

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