Welcome to Bondora, where financial empowerment meets a global vision! At Bondora, our mission is clear: to empower people to enjoy life more, all while alleviating the stress of managing finances. With a foundation laid in 2008, proudly serving a diverse community of over 1 million customers for an impressive 15 years.

Our commitment to building trust is reflected in the intuitive online products and services we provide, designed to help you save, grow, and spend money with confidence. But Bondora is more than just a financial hub—it’s a vibrant community powered by a team of Bondorians worldwide. Our shared values bind us together as one cohesive unit dedicated to a common goal while celebrating the uniqueness each team member brings.

Bondora is on the brink of an exciting transformation. As a rapidly growing financial technology company, we’re reaching new heights with a bold vision. By the end of 2024, we’re set to acquire a banking license, unlocking a world of possibilities for our customers. Our sights are set on achieving a revenue target of 1 billion by 2026, and we’re expanding our footprint to 11 new countries.

Join us on this journey! Give us a shout and let’s build the future of finance together!

Current Job Openings


Head of Financial Controlling
Tallinn, Harju, Estonia


Group Product Manager
Tallinn, Harju, Estonia


Anti-Money Laundering Specialist
Tallinn, Harju, Estonia