Cervest is building the world’s first open access AI-powered Climate Intelligence platform.

We’re a certified B-Corp with a vision to democratize access to Climate Intelligence driving a shared responsibility to protect the world’s critical assets — including our greatest shared asset, the planet.

It’s an exciting time to join us. We’ve just raised $30m in Series A investment. Our inaugural product, EarthScan™, will launch in 2021. EarthScan™ enables organizations to de-risk business decisions, meet financial disclosure guidelines, improve resilience, and uncover new opportunities to accelerate low-carbon growth.

We’re backed by leading venture capital firms, including Draper Esprit, Future Positive, Lowercarbon Capital, and Astanor Ventures. We are now building up our team in all areas: sales, marketing, science, engineering, and people operations.

As a company, we are a pro-diversity, highly inclusive organization, committed to bringing together people of all backgrounds and enabling them to succeed. We know that a richly diverse team will help us achieve our mission sooner.

We're seeking a full-time, Delivery Lead to our ~100 strong scale-up. You'll be critical to bringing climate intelligence into the climate security market and to making our AI-first platform successful. 

The role offers an opportunity to join an early-stage, highly mission-driven business where you’ll have the ability to make a significant impact on our company and climate change awareness across different industries.

Let’s not sugarcoat it. As is true of many scale-ups, we’re dealing with simultaneous challenges at any one time. Our teams bring passion, expertise and a relentless quest to achieve the mission we've set for ourselves. Delivery Managers and Leads, therefore, are true servant leaders, passionate about creating (and maintaining) the best possible environment for our Squads to focus on the work at hand.

We’re confident we’re headed in the right direction and are looking for someone that will not only deliver with their Squad but also support the EarthCap Crew Leader  and Head of Delivery. You’ll work closely with the EarthCap Crew Leader to ensure we have the best environment to deliver on our product objectives and outcomes.  You’ll also work closely with the Head of Delivery to drive improvements to the discipline that shapes the future of the Delivery Community and its supporting role to all products and services.

The general benefit expected from having a Delivery Lead working with the Crew (and eventually Squads)  is providing a self-organising team with ongoing access to someone who has used agile and scrum in particular in another setting. The role will help the EarthCap Crew figure out the best way to apply Scrum to their situation. They address distractions, disruptions, and obstacles so the remainder of the team is free to focus on producing output that will generate the desired outcome. 

We are a pro-diversity company and passionate about bringing together people of all backgrounds. We know that a diverse team that feels genuinely included will help us achieve our mission sooner. 

Accountabilities, Responsibilities and Duties

Core accountabilities

  • Ensuring the entire Crew lives the agile values and principles that they co-create/adopt and follow the processes and practices which enable this
  • Constantly reviewing and improving these through inspect and adapt practices and communicating  the state of play to the VP of the Product Unit
  • For collecting, evaluating and communicating empirical data at both the Squad and Crew level to allow the product as a whole and their Squads to make critical decisions. You will work closely with the Crew Leader to make sense of this information and make recommendations for improvements as needed
  • For defining, communicating and maintaining the Crews release process
  • For the performance of the Delivery Managers within the Crew
  • Ensuring the iteration review is appropriately run
  • For ensuring the Squad tracks their work in Cervests work tracking tool, currently Shortcut


Core responsibilities 

For ease of understanding, core responsibilities are split into six areas (adapted from Scrum.orgs definition of a scrum master).

As a Delivery Lead, you are responsible for…

To the cross-functional Squad 

  • Facilitating the clearing of  obstacles for your cross-functional Squad whilst maintaining an environment that supports and enables self-starting and self-organising
  • Protecting the Squad from outside interruptions and distractions
  • Helping the cross-functional Squad focus on creating high-value Increments that meet the Definition of Done
  • Ensuring the agreed scrum events that take place are positive, productive, and kept within the timebox
  • Responsible for maintaining your Squads’ Risks, Issues and Decisions (RID) log and ensuring it is current 

(note: you are not the default accountable person for the contents of the RID log, that falls to specific people within the organisation) 

  • Addressing Squad dynamics
  • Ensuring a good relationship between the Squad and the product owner as well as others outside the Squad
  • Responsible for maintaining your Squad’s roles and responsibilities matrix (or RACI) 
  • Responsible (but not accountable) for ensuring the Squad tracks their work in Cervests work tracking tool, currently Shortcut

To the Product Owner/Manager

  • Helping find techniques for effective Product Goal definition and Product Backlog management
  • Helping the Squad understand the need for clear and concise Product Backlog items
  • Helping establish empirical product planning for a complex environment
  • Facilitating stakeholder collaboration as requested or needed

To the Crew Leader and Crew as a whole - being their eyes and ears

  • High performing Crew and/or Squads: You are the key driving force behind the establishment and maintenance of high performing Squads. Use goal-setting, metrics and observations to take Squads to, and keep them operating at, a high-performance level
  • Ensure accurate feature planning; the Crew delivers when it says it will. Facilitate effective and precise planning against the Crews objectives and key results for the 0-6 week, 6-12 week and half year planning horizons across the entire Crew
  • Ensuring the Crews, Risks, Issues and Decisions (RID) logs are appropriately used and up to date
  • Assisting the Crew Leader in preparing the necessary reports of progress and planning to the broader business 
  • Ensuring the agreed scrum events take place at the Crew level are positive, productive, and kept within the timebox
  • Making recommendations for Squad configurations; their number, focus and skillset mix based on the needs of the product

To other Delivery Managers within your Crew

  • Clearing obstacles for your Delivery Managers Squad whilst maintaining an environment that supports and enables self-starting and self-organising
  • Protecting the Delivery Managers from outside interruptions and distractions
  • Help Delivery Managers focus on what is most important; maintain a limited number of in-flight initiatives 
  • Responsible for maintaining your Crews roles and responsibilities matrix (or RACI) 

To the Head of Delivery (HoD)

  • Producing regular status updates and ad hoc reports about the above as and when required
  • Working with the HoD to take the Delivery Community to the ultimate goal; to become an Academy for Delivery Managers in the Tech Industry. Regularly make proactive recommendations on how to bring the Delivery function closer to that goal

To the organisation

  • Leading, training, and coaching the organisation in its Scrum adoption
  • Planning and advising Scrum implementations within the organisation
  • Helping employees and stakeholders understand and enact an empirical approach for complex work
  • Removing barriers between stakeholders and Scrum Squads
  • You share responsibility for the delivery of the product with your Squad members and stakeholders

How does this fit into the broader organisation?

  • Your day to day manager will be the Product VP and your line management will be with the Head of Delivery. Another way to consider this; The Product VP manages your work with you, the Head of Delivery manages your career and capabilities.
  • Delivery sits within the Build Group within Cervest and works closely with stakeholders across the organisation where relevant - we’re not interested in creating siloes
  • You will work with (a) cross-functionals Squad(s) that contribute to the delivery of a  product to market

Skills and Qualifications


  • You have a working, demonstrable understanding of agile project management methodologies.
  • A strong communicator with excellent interpersonal skills, able to relate and empathise with all levels of the Cervest organisation. Is capable and comfortable relaying complex information and ideas in meaningful and creative ways
  • Ability to approach issues by seeking the solution rather than seeing the problem
  • Able to walk the fine line between assertiveness and diplomacy in challenging situations
  • Can carry a mental view of the salient information pertinent to the execution of the Squads’ goals and objectives
  • Self-development and learning is a vital part of who you are
  • Demonstrates a passion for your work; approaches all tasks in a wholehearted and enthusiastic manner
  • Entrepreneurial; regularly demonstrating initiative and innovation and recognising and maximising opportunities for the Squad(s), team (Delivery) and Cervest
  • A highly motivated self-starter
  • Recognise the need for management support when necessary
  • Deals constructively with frustration and pressure, maintaining a professional and positive manner

Qualifications and experience

  • Scrum Master certified (or appropriate on the job experience)
  • Proven ability to support Science, Data and customer-led software, enterprise-level development projects
  • Experience supporting multi-function project Squads with at least 5-10 team members per Squad, including but not limited to, Scientists, Designers, Developers, Business Analysts, and QA Personnel 


As a rapidly scaling company on a mission, we are committed to ensuring that we support our team in developing in line with their aspirations and talents as well as continuing to develop our culture in line with our values.

We are a remote first company and are hiring across Europe, the USA and beyond. We are looking for a candidate who is comfortable working in a remote setting and with a diverse team distributed across multiple time zones. This job requires minimum travel for occasional regional or global team retreats only, using more sustainable transport methods (we’ll help with that) so generally within one time zone of the UK.

  • 22 days’ holiday a year (plus 8 UK public holidays or local equivalent)
  • The company closes between December 24th and January 1st, which gives an extra 3-4 days off each year (on top of your 22 days entitlement)
  • Remote first company culture with flexible working hours
  • Maternity, paternity, adoption or shared parental leave policies
  • Every employee is given a plant of their choice
  • £1000 a year learning budget towards personal and professional development
  • 10% of your time can be used for projects that help us meet Cervest’s mission outside your day-to-day responsibilities
  • £500 stipend to spend on your work from home setup (we’ll cover your laptop and peripherals such as a screen and keyboard - you will be able to choose between a Mac or PC)
  • Paid sick leave for physical and mental health with access to Spill
  • Virtual team and company activities such as pastry-making classes, mindfulness classes, coffee masterclasses and murder mysteries
  • £1500 loan towards a bike through the Cycle to Work Scheme (available for UK employees)

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