ClearScore Technology Limited

At ClearScore, we're more than just free credit scores

We're on a mission to empower people around the world to manage their money better.

Our products (available both on desktop & as an app) give users free access to their full credit history, help them improve their driving and secure better car insurance deals, as well as show other information about their finances, such as their accounts and payments.

We have an intelligent marketplace, which matches users with the best financial products for them based on an analysis of their unique financial profile.

We also offer free (online) coaching programmes to help users improve their overall financial health.


Who are we?

Launched in July 2015, we're a design-led Fintech, with our HQ based in Vauxhall, London. We've been profitable since 2017, delivering high value to our users and we’ve experienced incredible growth since our launch, being we're live in 5 markets around the world, with 20 million users globally.

As a company, we pride ourselves on our friendly, fun and open culture. We place a huge amount of emphasis on innovation and experimentation, so we're a great place to come to grow your career and focus on your personal development. We're also a really flexible company - we don't believe in clock-watching, and encourage our team to work how, when and where they want.



Current Job Openings

Business Development

Commercial Manager
London, England, United Kingdom

Customer Operations

Customer Support Manager
London, England, United Kingdom


Senior Engineering Manager
London, England, United Kingdom
Site Reliability Engineer
London, England, United Kingdom

Engineering Management

Lead Engineering Manager
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Finance, Legal & Regulatory

Compliance Manager
London, England, United Kingdom


CRM Executive - Australia and New Zealand
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
CRM Manager
London, England, United Kingdom
CRM Technical Coordinator
London, England, United Kingdom


Technical Account Manager
London, England, United Kingdom