Will we be able to teach computers how to cook food? Probably not. But in the meantime, we are a Tech and Data first company; our mission is to modernize and transform the $500 billion restaurant market. Are you intrigued by the challenge of building systems and applications that have a very concrete and tangible real-world application? Then read on, because this might just be the opportunity for you 😎

Sometime in the next three years, in most larger cities in Europe, customers will be able to get whatever they want to be delivered in less than 15 minutes – for free. This is Curb Food’s mission. We aim to become a category leader by being the smartest internet restaurant company in Europe, growing from dark kitchens and beyond. Curb Food is ambitiously creating high-quality food experiences fully tailored for home delivery. We offer different food choices - all delivered to your doorstep at the same time. Our mission can’t be accomplished without technology, data, and smart talent like you! 

We believe in adaptability, high quality, and people. We are constantly in motion, adapting to change and that's why our tables have legs. Together we stand in the frontline of changing the restaurant industry with a large passion for food and a twist of tech.

Through our joint efforts, Curb will become the restaurant industry's premier career accelerator where promising individuals are supported, challenged, and ultimately grow into exceptional operators our competitors queue up to steal.

We offer a compelling opportunity to join a quick-growing, amazing team with huge ambitions. You will get to work in a versatile, fun workplace with good benefits and the chance to fulfill your potential!

Technology and data is key enablement for our success. If you are not only fascinated by delicious food but also state-of-the-art cloud, web, data, and AI technologies, you can't miss this opportunity.

What you'll do

  • Be part of a talented team, own the kitchen management systems and customer app 
  • Developing end-to-end features and solutions but also deploying it and automating it in a cloud-native setup.
  • Develop, improve and maintain different data pipelines not only for analytics dashboards but also predictive solution on top of our great data asset
  • Explore innovative ideas and new features such as using AI cameras to make sure no missing items, credits, AR menus, etc

What you’ll need

  • We are using React Native, Node, Firebase, GraphQL, Typescript today, but we are open to right technology to the problem, so come and tell us how you would solve it differently and more efficiently
  • 2-5 years of proven developer experience
  • Relevant experience in developing and managing production system in GCP is high appreciated

Who you are

  • You love tech & programming and enjoy your own projects in your spare time
  • We encourage everyone to express their own opinion, we love to be proven wrong so that we can improve. We expect honesty in decisions, humble in being correct, and open to change when not being so
  • You have spent years developing and managing software in production. Automation is from your DNA and DevOps is air for you
  • You don’t have to be a data expert today, but you are interested to develop knowledge and skill in big data, machine learning, and AI domain

If you've read this far, you are clearly a big lover of both food and engineering challenges. Apply Today!

Interview Process⭐️

  1. AlvaLabs (Personality and Logic Test) 
  2. Recruiter Screening 
  3. Codility Test
  4. Team Lead Interview
  5. Case/ Code Test 
  6. Leadership Interview (for a Lead position)
  7. Founders/ Manager Interview

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