Our mission is to modernize and transform the $500 billion restaurant market. 🚀

🎯 Your role and impact.

Will we be able to teach computers how to cook food? Probably not. But in the meantime, we will launch our intelligent kitchens throughout Central Europe, starting with Berlin, and bring truly yummy food to residents of the German capital. If you are intrigued by food AND would like to own the planning and construction of intelligent kitchens, then read on, because this might just be the opportunity for you 😎

For Curb’s kitchens to be truly intelligent and efficient, the physical layout and construction has to sync seamlessly with the technology we use and the people that will ultimately cook the food. In a way we are not just building kitchens, we are setting up highly advanced mini-factories 

🙌 Your responsibilities:

Curb's Expansion & Construction team is now looking for someone that can lead and coordinate the construction of kitchens throughout Central Europe, with initial emphasis on Germany. This will mean:

  • Managing kitchen launches in Central Europe
  • Managing construction costs and time for kitchen openings in Central Europe
  • Handling contact with external construction partners
  • Handling communication internally to other relevant stakeholders
  • Responsible for following up cost and time for each kitchen opening
  • Managing the facilities of already opened kitchens
  • Tight collaboration with central expansion team

🤩 What about you: 

  • You have 2-5 years of experience managing construction projects 
  • You are well-versed in relevant German legislation, and can communicate fluently in German, in writing as well as in speech
  • You have likely worked in the restaurant, retail or grocery industry
  • You are comfortable running end-to-end construction projects, following up on budgeted hours and costs
  • You are passionate about startups
  • You LOVE structure, organisation and communication
  • You are willing and able to travel, throughout Central Europe

If you have read this far, we would just like to add that this is the perfect opportunity to come in at the very start of Curb’s European expansion, and lay the foundation of something really great. Something shaped by you.

⭐️ Interview Process 

  1. AlvaLabs (Personality and Logic Test) 
  2. Recruiter Screening 
  3. Team Lead Interview
  4. Case / Code Test 
  5. Founders / Manager Interview

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