Will we be able to teach computers how to cook food? Probably not. But in the meantime, we are a Tech and Data first company; our mission is to modernize and transform the $500 billion restaurant market. Are you intrigued by the challenge of building systems and applications that have a very concrete and tangible real-world application? Then read on, because this might just be the opportunity for you 😎

We want to become the most intelligent kitchen in the world. In order to do that we need to build one of the most remarkable Tech teams in the world. We are a super close team with constant communication. We expect full ownership of features, from finding problems to implementing solutions. We love being questioned and proven wrong so that we can improve, but in return expect full intellectual honesty in mistakes.

Technology and data is a key enablement for our success. If you are not only fascinated by delicious food but also state-of-the-art cloud, web, data, and AI technologies, you can't miss this opportunity.

What about the role? 

As senior QA engineer, your responsibility is beyond executing QA tasks. Together with product managers, tech leads and other senior engineers in the organization, you will analyze the existing verification and release process in the team, understand cross teams dependency, define the QA and release strategy that fits the stage of the current team and product. This includes but not limited to:

  • support team define “Definition of Done”
  • Draft and define test specifications
  • help team refine release process so we can release as often as possible without pain

One of your most important agenda is test automation. You will play a key role advocate test automation practice within the organization, including: 

  • Selecting the right test tool set
  • Implement actual automated test cases so other team members can learn and adapt
  • continuously improve the product quality

What about you?

  • You have 4-10 years of experience within Quality Assurance
  • You have worked in a CI/CD or DevOps environment and true believer of automation
  • You are an informal leader in the team, people respect and follow your suggestions and ideas. More importantly, you are also a good listener
  • You have a restless soul and are willing to continuously improve the QA and release process. You also love products of quality and wish to provide everyone with the most outstanding experience
:star: Interview Process 
  1. AlvaLabs (Personality and Logic Test) 
  2. Codility Test
  3. Recruiter Screening 
  4. Tech Discussion
  5. Tech & Product Culture
  6. Team Lead Interview
  7. Founders/ Manager Interview 

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