The opportunity
Better food, better world, better crew who become better leaders. Always improving, always learning, always developing.

Join our Flagship Kitchen in Kungsholmen! This kitchen is the first Kitchen to trial and test new concepts. You will interacting with our Concept Team and HQ on a regular basis, ensuring our start-up business thrive and evolve!

Be the trainer extraordinaire!
If you love to lead and take immense pride in the development of others, then Kitchen Leader at Curb Food is the job for you. The craft of creating beautiful and finger-lickingly awesome food in a consistent way is at the heart of what we do. As Kitchen Leader you will be cooking yourself, and making sure that an amazing team performs at their best.

You keep a keen eye on the crew’s development, making sure that anyone who shows strong leadership skills are recognised and enrolled in leadership training programs.

Who are you?
Perhaps you have a background in the restaurant or retail industry as a floor manager and enjoy being responsible for both quality results and customer satisfaction? Perhaps you have no previous cooking experience but you are a fast learner with natural leadership skills who would enjoy a challenge? We seek highly motivated and positive, energetic people to help build our brand. Could it be you? Let's get to know each other!  

What you will actually do
If you think about the kitchen as a ship, we have created the most well-oiled, efficient and passionate machine known to man. It runs on a steady stream of fantastic ingredients that are turned into interesting dishes ready to be delivered to eager customers. You need to make sure every single crew member in the kitchen knows their role and what is expected of them, and train them when they don’t.

Every day (overall approx. 80% of the job)

  • Cooking - Ensuring all food leaving the kitchen looks and tastes amazing and is packaged correctly
  • Coaching and demonstrating correct techniques - making sure everyone knows what they are supposed to do
  • Keeping motivation and morale high by any means necessary (almost)
  • Making sure the crew are trained and knowledgeable

Regularly (but approx. max 20% of your time)

  • Have an overall responsibility for the onboarding of new crew
  • Manage food safety which includes: Ensuring hand washing and glove changes, monitoring time and temperature on the line, monitoring secondary shelf lives, and enforcing the Daily Food Safety Checklist and food safety policies and procedures

With enough passion, enthusiasm and willingness to learn you can find a place at Curb Food!

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