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We are on the mission of enabling the energy transition. Energy Battery Storage Systems are a key element of the future energy infrastructure. With each solar or wind park added and the increasing electrification of entire industries, the underlying rules of the energy system are being rewritten. While nature determines when renewables generate power, we need an intelligent software that tells batteries when to store energy and when to release it.

This is where we as Entrix come in: Entrix is a Munich-based start-up, providing an AI-enabled optimization and fully automated trading platform for grid-scale battery storage. Figuring out how storage provides the best value to the electricity grid and the highest returns to asset owners is how we accelerate the transition to a clean energy future. 

Join us on our journey: To drive the intelligent and sustainable energy future, we need you! We are continuously looking for bright and committed minds to join our team, for people who share our values and vision to build a sustainable and clean future. Get in touch with us!


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