About Gelato
Gelato has built the world's largest and most global network for on-demand production of customized items e.g. t-shirts, wall art, mugs, books, hoodies, and cards. We support a new wave of e-commerce entrepreneurs to sell their creativity globally, with a more local and sustainable production. With local production and exact matching of supply and demand, there is no waste, and carbon emissions are reduced. 

We own no assets - we build the software that connects world-class production facilities all across the world. We have more than 130 production partners in 32 countries. In 72 hours we can reach more than 5 billion people with customized products in a smarter, faster, and greener way.

Gelato is changing the way that customized products can be produced on-demand. We are already empowering thousands of e-commerce entrepreneurs to grow and scale their businesses. With local production, and exact matching of supply and demand, there is no waste and carbon emissions are reduced.

Gelato Group
Gelato Group consists of three different business units, starting with Optimalprint as our B2C business, offering personalized products to consumers all over the world. Secondly, Gelato Create caters to our creators through our software platform, and connects them with a global range of production partners. Lastly, we have our newest business unit, GelatoConnect. With GelatoConnect, we have built the largest ecosystem in the printing industry, which offers cost savings and efficiency for all improvements for all production hubs. 

Your role at Gelato

  • At Gelato, the role of a UX Designer extends beyond creating visually appealing interfaces; it involves a deep understanding and shaping of the entire product experience from initial concept to ongoing refinement. As a vital team member, you will be involved in the full product development lifecycle—from early product discovery to delivery and continuous iteration. Your work will seamlessly integrate customer needs with business objectives, ensuring that every design decision supports both user-centricity and commercial viability.
  • Your responsibilities will include orchestrating a holistic experience that considers a customer's entire journey with our products, from initial discovery and onboarding to daily interactions and long-term relationships. You will not only focus on digital interactions across web and mobile but also include offline experiences, ensuring a consistent and cohesive user journey.
  • As a UX Designer, you will rapidly bring ideas to life through prototyping, using a variety of tools to visualize solutions effectively. Your expertise will enable you to gather ongoing feedback through user testing, employing both qualitative and quantitative data to refine and validate your designs. This role demands a blend of interaction and visual design skills, allowing you to handle both the strategic and detailed aspects of the product experience.
  • Your contributions are key in advocating for a design-first approach within the team and influencing product managers and engineers. By owning the customer journey, you will identify opportunities for improvement across multiple touchpoints, including landing pages, customer dashboards, and subscription management. 

About Gelato Connect

  • GelatoConnect is our recently launched SaaS product, created to help production hubs around the world run at a lower cost and more efficiently.
  • We provide products around three core function areas: Workflow, Logistics and Procurement, with applications supported on both desktop and app.
  • This covers but is not limited to helping production hubs reduce errors, increase daily production, monitor their performance and better manage inventory.
  • Our goal is to build innovative and useful products that support the time sensitive and costly needs of production hubs helping them become more efficient.

Your key responsibilities will include:

  • Objective setting and stakeholder communication: Collaborate with your product team to translate OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) that elevate Gelato's business and user experience. Regularly communicate progress, blockers, and next steps to stakeholders.
  • User research and analysis: Conduct customer interviews to gather insights on customer needs and behaviours. Analyze usage metrics and feedback to identify patterns and opportunities for improvement.
  • Design execution and iteration: Create sketches, wireframes, and interactive prototypes to visualize and iterate upon design solutions for new features or enhancements. Ensure all designs align with Gelato’s brand and design guidelines.
  • Design reviews and critiques: Participate in regular design reviews with product teams and design critiques with other designers to share updates, discuss blockers, and receive constructive feedback.
  • Usability testing: Lead or oversee usability testing sessions, both remote and in-person, to validate design concepts and analyze outcomes to refine the product experience.
  • Collaboration and prioritization: Work closely with product managers to scope and prioritize design tasks. Engage in daily stand-ups and team syncs to update on progress and address roadblocks.
  • Engineering collaboration: Work alongside engineers to ensure feasibility and provide them with necessary assets and documentation for implementing designs. Address any technical queries they may have.
  • Design consistency and advocacy: Advocate for consistent customer experiences and design standards across all products and digital touchpoints. Promote a design-first approach within the organization.
  • Resource and skill management: Identify and address gaps in your product area's resources, tools, and skills. Stay updated with the latest design tools and technologies and engage in knowledge sharing activities like workshops or presentations.
  • Documentation and knowledge sharing: Maintain and update design documentation and guidelines to reflect new changes or iterations. Engage in team-wide initiatives to share knowledge and best practices.

Who you are:

  • 5+ years of experience designing web, mobile, and desktop applications, most likely as a User Experience or Interaction Designer in a cross-functional product-driven organisation or design agency.
  • Currently operating at senior to lead level.
  • Can share a portfolio with straightforward and friendly designs demonstrating technical product thinking and an understanding of user-centred design methodologies.
  • Have a passion for understanding real people’s problems and an ability to coach the people you work with, not jump to solutions too quickly.
  • Strong communication skills and can confidently speak about the design concepts to stakeholders and explain their reasons.
  • Are empathetic with your team as well as customers, especially when you’re communicating research findings, explaining the rationale behind a design, or questioning ways of working
  • Practice self-awareness, know your strengths and always be prepared to learn from others.
  • Strategic perspective and operational attention to detail
  • Care about accessibility and designing for everyone

Gelato’s UX Organisation:

The UX Design team at Gelato drives our business forward with energy and pace. We solve problems, wielding data and intuition in equal measure, and find innovative approaches to many of the complex challenges we encounter as we continue to scale our business. We encourage thinking entrepreneurially about how to make progress: We operate in an ecosystem of solutions and services, and many of the problems we face have already been solved in some form by others. 

By joining Gelato, you become a valued member of the UX team. We are a bunch of individuals with different backgrounds and hobbies who are passionate about design. We are made up of researchers, interaction and visual designers, sharing a common goal to build and grow our UX practice across the organisation. Our vision is to have all product teams adopt user-centred design principles in each project, where decisions are made with data, thoughtfully considering our end-users. 

We meet to learn from each other almost weekly and develop frameworks that promote high-quality design decisions. We have initiatives to improve our research and design process, establish a design system and socialise our research repository. We value the experience and expertise of our team members. Everyone is encouraged to share ideas and shape the future of our practice. 

The Process

  • We aim for a fast and respectful process, and it should hopefully take no longer than five weeks. The process will involve four rounds: an interview with our talent team, a portfolio interview with the Head of UX, a set of competency-based panel interviews (three interviews), and a final interview with our founder.
  • For the portfolio interview, we trust that the right candidates can demonstrate their capabilities through their previous work, so we do not give take-home tests. Instead, you will be asked to present one or two previous projects from your portfolio. Please do not forget to attach your portfolio with the application. 

What it’s like to work at Gelato
We are a customer-obsessed team with the ambition to change the world by connecting technology to the printing industry and making it much more sustainable. Everyone who joins our team must feel genuinely intrigued and motivated by our mission. We expect a lot. We are a driven team with big goals, so we seek individuals who are genuinely passionate about their work and possess an entrepreneurial spirit. Our culture is unique and we live by our values, so it's worth learning more about our culture and how we work before presenting your application.

At Gelato, we pride ourselves on our global presence with 14 offices worldwide, fostering a dynamic and diverse work environment. Rooted in a culture that values collaboration, creativity, and camaraderie, we actively cultivate a company culture that thrives on shared experiences. We encourage team members to embrace this culture by working from our inspiring office spaces at least three days a week, allowing for meaningful connections and collective growth. 

Lastly, we ask that you please upload your CV in English, regardless of which country you are applying from. 

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