Global No.1 Agtech Company, Greenlabs!


디지털 전환을 시작으로 농업의 혁신을 이끕니다.

나아가 지속가능한 방법으로 미래 식량 문제를 해결합니다.


그린랩스는 농사짓는 과정에서 불편했던 경험과 어려움에 주목하여 농창업을 시작으로
인류 먹거리와 환경에 이르기까지 농업 관계자를 위한 모든 솔루션을 디지털화 하여 제공합니다.

그린랩스가 일궈가는 농업 혁신에 국내 농가의 수많은 회원분들께서 함께하고 있으며,
그린랩스만의 핵심역량을 바탕으로 글로벌 사업을 적극 확장하여, 글로벌 데이터 농업 시장을 이끌어 가고 있습니다.


그린랩스를 더 알고 싶다면?


Global No.1 Agtech Company, Greenlabs!

Starting with the digital transformation we lead the innovations in agriculture and solve future food shortage problems in a sustainable way.

From agribusiness to farm construction, crop cultivation, distribution, and sales, Greenlabs digitizes agricultural solutions for farmers.

The entire process is managed at our agricultural data platform called Farm Morning. More than 800,000 farmers have joined Greenlabs’ agricultural innovation, and we are committed to make the best service for all farms, not only in Korea but in Global.



Farm Morning Localization Team helps bring a localized version of Farm Morning app to over 80,000 farmers using our service. Going beyond mere translation of our domestic service, we strive to bring customized digital services to farmers around the globe through in-depth research of the agricultural sector, close communication with global users, and other cultural insights specific to the launching country.



  • Conduct research on government subsidies/schemes
  • Conduct general research on target countries
  • Conduct research on agriculture related subjects
  • Write content related to agriculture
  • Proofread translations
  • Give feedback on advertisement content



  • Native Hindi/Indonesian/Thai/Vietnamese/French/Spanish/Filipino(Tagalog) speaker
  • Either fluent in English or Korean


Preferred requirements

  • Proficient in Korean
  • Experience related to advertising and marketing


Work period

  • 6 weeks ~




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