Hippo Labs

Build tools that make healthcare better for everyone.

We’re on a mission to build the best tools to help primary care focus on caring.

Healthcare is a fundamental human right, and the NHS has been a leader in patient care for decades. Our team has deep technical and sector experience, and we're building tools that we know can significantly improve the way the NHS provides care - increasing access and improving quality of life for both patients and healthcare workers.

Our flagship Hippo Recaller tool allows GP practices to proactively care for patients in a more efficient and effective way, enabling clinicians to focus on prevention more than cure. By shifting focus, practices can improve health outcomes for patients as well as reducing their own workload. Our tool is already in use with over 150,000 patients, and we're growing rapidly.

We're looking for talented, like-minded people to join our founding team. You'll help shape the business and make a real difference to patients from day one!

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