What we're looking for

Dive with us into the unknown, be creative, innovate and let us build great digital products together 🚀 - We're looking for people that are happy to work in entrepreneurial, flexible but fast growing and changing environments.

💡 We are looking to establish a diverse team - for us that means that we are both welcoming people who are like us and people who are unlike us. This includes but is not limited to gender, ethnicity, age, academic or professional background, character traits etc. No matter what your background is, feel free to apply at hubblr.


Initiative application

You feel like the current open positions do not fully resonate with you? - But you still think we might be a cool employer and you could be the right fit for our team. 🚀

This is the place for you to drop us a few lines and send your details so we can consider you in the (near) future. When you submit your details below, you will go directly into our prospecting pool and we can consider you for future job openings.

About Us

hubblr is a young company with a lot of passion for software developing and innovation. As an independent, young and agile team we develop with our clients comprehensive software applications while also consulting them in topics like product market fit, UI/UX-design and strategic software development.

The hubblr team loves and lives product innovation. Therefore we also work on our own, internal projects creating new business models, testing them in their market segments and, if successful responses are measured, we bring them together to life.


  • A young and sympathetic team
  • Flexible working hours
  • A lot of room for your own ideas. We always highly encourage you to work on them together with the team. 💡
  • Modern offices at Hamburg "Oberhafenbrücke", the Münster "Prinzipalmarkt", at the "Görli" park in the factory Berlin, in the GRO36 space in Jönköping Sweden or fully remote and in our VR-office in Spatial - that's up to you!
  • Choose your tech equipment and education material 
  • A free public transportation ticket or bike with a maintenance agreement in the city you work in
  • Regular team events and a creative working atmosphere
  • CCC Ticket or other educational trainings / tools on request
  • Bring your dog to work 🐶
  • A progressive work environment - we provide VR Glasses (Oculus Quest 2) for you to experience immersive meetings from a distance
  • A steep learning curve on internal and client projects and lots of ownership and responsibility from day one

How to Apply

📫 Does this position sound like a good fit? Just fill out the form below - it only takes a few minutes.

How will the application process look like?

✨ Our aspiration to a good job application process will guide you from your initial email to a final job offer within 3-4 weeks.

Weekly Screening (up to 1 week)

You'll definitely hear from us - no matter the outcome of our decision.

First Round: Cultural Fit (1 week and 1 meeting)

  • You get to meet one of our hiring managers in a 30 - 60 min meeting

Second Round: Job Fit (1-2 weeks and 1 meeting + challenge)

  • We'll evaluate with you how well you fit to the job at hubblr
    • Coding challenge (typically 1 week time to work on it) (for Coding related jobs)
    • Discussion about job related tasks & approaches to your work and solutions

Final Decision (up to 1 week)

  • We'll discuss within our team your fit 
  • We'll reach back to you within a week after the second round

Frequently Asked questions (FAQ)

How can I make sure my application is as good as possible and is likely to be forwarded in the next stage?”

To make your application as outstanding as possible, you can make sure to cover a few things:

  • Provide as much context as possible by uploading all of the documents we ask for and answering all the questions ✅
  • Linking a meaningful video quickly introducing yourself and your professional experience ✅
  • Structuring and designing your resume according to this resource ✅
  • Writing a cover letter that adheres to the tips outlined here

How does the application process look like?”

  • We have outlined the entire application process above.

I do not feel like the current roles on the job board fit me.”

  • We also happily accept initiative applications. There is a separate job post for them on our job board.

“I do not live in one of your hubs in Germany or Spain - can I still apply?”

  • You can for sure! If you live in another country than one we are currently operating in (Spain and Germany), we would ask you to either relocate to one of our hubs or evaluate whether freelancing is an option. We do that because opening a location in another country is coupled with a lot of overhead. If you already live in a country where we operate, remote working is perfectly fine.

“I live in a country where you operate, but relocation within the country is not an option - Can I still work for you?”

  • Yes definitely! The willingness to relocate inside countries where we operate is just one factor we consider in applications. If you score well on other dimensions, there is no problem hiring you.

“I need to relocate and I am willing to do that as well - can you help me in any way with that?”

  • Yes. We can help you with the administrative aspects of relocating to countries where we operate. It is also no problem if you need a working permit etc. - We will help you to the best of our abilities.

“What do you mean with choose your own tech?”

  • We have the credo that we give you all the tools you need to efficiently do your job. This does not only extend to physical equipment but also education material. Choose your own tech means that if you feel like you need any physical or educational equipment, we will try to make it possible for you.


Does this position sound like a good fit?

We would be very happy to welcome you! 🤘

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