Dive with us into the unknown, be creative, innovate and let us build great digital products together 🚀 We're looking for people that are happy to work in entrepreneurial, flexible but fast growing and changing environments.

💡 We are looking to establish a team with a diversity of opinions - for us that means that we are both welcoming people who are like us and people who are unlike us. This includes but is not limited to gender, ethnicity, age, academic or professional background, character traits etc. No matter what your background is, feel free to apply at hubblr.

🚀 You feel like the current open positions do not fully resonate with you? - But you still think we might be a cool employer and you could be the right fit for our team. 

Below you find the opportunity to submit an initiative application. We strongly encourage you to drop us a few lines because when you submit your details there, you go directly into our prospecting pool and we can consider you for future job openings.

Current Job Openings


Software Engineer (Backend) (F/M/X)
Berlin, Hamburg, Hamburg, München, Münster
Software Engineer (Fullstack) (F/M/X)
Berlin, Hamburg, München, Münster

No department

Initiative application
Berlin, Hamburg, München, Münster