About incident.io

incident.io is an incident management platform that helps companies when things go wrong. Whether they're site outages, data breaches, or functionality issues, incidents happen literally all the time. When they do, we help get the right people in the room, we run and communicate how you're responding, and we give you a suite of tools and insights to learn and improve over time.

The Team

The Engineering team is formed of experienced, product-minded engineers. It is made up of people who have spent years writing reliable and scalable software at scale for companies like Monzo, GoCardless, Ravelin and Freetrade.

Our primary development stack is based on Go, Typescript with React, and Postgres, with a typed auto-generated client between the API to help us ship quickly. We deploy into Google Cloud Platform (GKE & Cloud SQL), but also heavily make use of BigQuery, PubSub, Cloud Storage, and more — all managed via Terraform.

We rely on Sentry for error reporting, Grafana + Prometheus for our metrics, dashboards and alerts, and Kibana for logging. We use CircleCI for automated testing and deployment.

We bias strongly to buying tools rather than building them, and invest heavily in a few vs having 20 ways to solve the same problems.

What you’ll be doing:

  • Shipping fast: laying solid foundations with lasting impact is important, but the primary risk for us is building the wrong thing, rather than building the thing wrong.
  • Keeping things simple: we believe strongly in using a few proven technologies we understand deeply, and we adopt new technologies sparingly.
  • Investing heavily in the developer experience: whether it’s metrics, logging, tracing and error tracking, or development workflow. Build times are blazing fast: our CI to deploy time is ~5m.
  • Believing code isn’t everything: we value well written proposals, clear documentation, tests and commit messages and try to be kind to “future us”, while making tradeoffs wisely.
  • Collaborating: one of the benefits of a high trust team is we often work autonomously, but as a team we’re very collaborative by nature
  • Valuing serendipity: as a default, we aim to focus the majority of our effort on one objective at a time, but some of our best features exist because someone took a quick detour after an inspiring chat with a customer or colleague.
  • Getting in front of customers: everyone is in our community slack, and is encouraged to speak to customers and join in the conversations, our Customers love it!
  • Being open and transparent by default: we’re all on the same team, and we share the highs and the lows together. The vast majority of our internal documents, meeting notes and documentation is open by default.

This role could be ideal for you if you:

  • Have production experience working any programme language, such as: Go, Python, Ruby on Rails or React.
  • Want to help build a team, by working collaboratively to problem solve and taking extra time to explain things, provide actionable feedback, levelling up those around you.
  • Enjoy speaking directly with customers to understand their problems and caring more about outcomes and impact than the exact implementation or tools.
  • Are happy share your work early, whether it’s a draft of a proposal, or the MVP of a customer facing feature; putting something out there when it’s “70% done”.
  • Feel comfortable when faced with a lot of ambiguity, both technically and organisationally; happy to tackle problems without a clear definition or solution.
  • Use technical debt as a tool; caring about resilience, tests and documentation, but understand there are times we need to ship quickly and make pragmatic tradeoffs.

The salary for this position is determined by several job-related factors, such as experience, relevant skills, training, location, business needs, or market demands. The salary range for this role is £70,000 - £130,000. This position will also offer equity options.

Our commitment to diversity

We embrace diversity at incident.io, and believe in creating supportive and inclusive environments where all of our employees can succeed. To build a product that’s loved by everyone, we need a team with all kinds of different perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds. That’s why we’re committed to hiring people regardless of race, religion, colour, national origin, sex (including pregnancy, childbirth, and related medical conditions), sexual orientation, gender identity, age, neurodiversity status, disability status, or otherwise.

Got a question?

If you have any questions before applying to the role, please email the team at jobs@incident.io

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