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Fnce buidl'ing UP the New Creative Economies?

LUKSO is the blockchain for the New Creative Economy. As a next-generation layer-1 EVM blockchain, LUKSO has introduced new tools and standards that will bring blockchain to its next frontier by enabling the intuitive user experience and seamless onboarding processes we need for mainstream adoption. 

LUKSO's Universal Profiles & building blocks (LSPs) for the New Creative Economy will revolutionise the way users and creators interact with blockchain technology. From Fashion, Art, Music, Entertainment, Gaming, Social Media and more, we welcome you to explore our open and interoperable blueprint for the physical and digital worlds.

Co-Founded by Fabian Vogelsteller, best known for the creation of ERC-20, ERC-725, Web3.js, Mist Browser and Ethereum Wallets, that have played a vital role in the foundation of the blockchain ecosystem, and Marjorie Hernandez, an early blockchain strategist, working with Ethereum, IOTA Foundation and world-renowned brands - LUKSO is now being developed by a team of over 60+ people around the world and counting.
If you'd like to join our team in building out the foundation of the New Creative Economy, take a look through our current career opportunities, we're always looking for amazing talent and we'd love to chat. 

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