Moss is the modern corporate credit card and spends management platform. We are a group of serial entrepreneurs and Fintech experts driven by our mission to enable businesses to master their finances. After solidifying a total of €130 million in funding, we continue to pave the way for next-generation B2B spending, empowering our customers to make informed cash flow decisions. To this day we have 100’s of live customers, we're awarded Fintech of the year in 2020, and have a team in place with experience building out foundations of numerous successful Fintech companies. 

The role, your team and your mission

We are looking for a Product Manager to help our business customers to onboard to Moss platform from the moment they have said ‘yes’ to our Sales team to their first interactions with the product. Your initial role will focus on the onboarding experience of our regulated products. 

You will be embedded in our Acquisition tribe and work closely with a team of engineers and designers as well as cross-team with Sales, Customer Success, Risk, Onboarding Operations, Compliance, International and Underwriting teams. 

Here’s how you’ll be contributing to our customer onboarding experience:

  • You will own our end-to-end onboarding process to optimise our customer experience while ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements
  • You will partner with other teams to build a seamless onboarding experience across the board, including making sure that our Operations teams can do their job effectively
  • You will work closely with engineering team to figure out how we build a scalable technical solution for onboarding that allows us to expand internationally and onboard customers on new products with least effort possible 
  • You will clearly define success for the space and be accountable for it 

What you bring to the table:

  • You are a strong product thinker - you don’t collect requirements, but solve problems. You can share examples of how you have gone from a problem to customer impact before. 
  • You have built and scaled products before and can provide multiple examples of the ones you are proud of. 
  • You have a solid knowledge of UI/UX, pay attention to details and can share examples of high quality experiences you have built before. 
  • You have experience contributing to engineering discussions and can clearly explain how something was built from a technical perspective and help the team make prioritisation decisions. 
  • You are organised,  can communicate your ideas clearly and help others make decisions fast. 
  • You are no stranger to aligning and coordinating projects across teams and a variety of stakeholders. You make things happen. You are comfortable saying no to anyone in the company to help your team focus and deliver. 
  • And most importantly: passion. You are passionate about what you do and eager to learn and grow with us. You are always ready to explore new approaches, new technologies, and ideas from other members of the team.

Nice extras (but absolutely not mandatory): 

  • A passion for UI/UX design and/or analytics skills
  • Experience working in Onboarding/Conversion space before
  • Understanding of customer onboarding process & KYC regulatory requirements a great plus

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