November Five

About us

At November Five, we are committed to driving people and businesses forward. As a full-service digital growth partner, we help our clients to catch the next wave of digital transformation. Our world-class strategy, design and engineering capabilities have been trusted by companies like Coca-Cola, Spotify, Telenet, VRT and Brussels Airport.

Founded on 05.11.08, today November Five is a team of 50+ digital masterminds operating from the beating heart of Antwerp. We’re currently growing exponentially and looking for like-minded professionals to join the team.


The best work of your life

Yes, a bold statement. Nonetheless, one of the driving principles we work and live by. We think it’s important you can call the office: home. We actively promote a true work-life symbiosis for the one and only life we get to live.

Awarded ‘Best Workplaces for Innovators’ by Fast Company, our highly connected ecosystem consists of a close-knit family, all seeking impact and 100% digital at heart.

Current Job Openings



Product Manager
Antwerp, Belgium


Android Engineer
Antwerp, Belgium
Cloud Developer
Antwerp, Belgium
Full Stack Engineer
Antwerp, Belgium
iOS Engineer
Antwerp, Belgium
PHP Engineer
Antwerp, Belgium
React Engineer
Antwerp, Belgium


Spontaneous application
Antwerp, Belgium