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At Product People, we're on a mission to help companies discover and deliver great products. Faster. We empower our Product Management community of 20,000+ people to share knowledge generously whilst managing all the unglamorous hands-on work of a Product Manager/Owner, Product Ops, or Product Leader on an interim basis (3+ months). We onboard fast, align teams, and, deliver outcomes. We're not headhunters/recruiters, development/design agency or a freelance marketplace, the roles advertised here are full-time and in-house with Product People.

Our ~40 in-house Product Managers who help as Interims onboard at new clients every 3 to 9 months. That's ~100 onboardings per year in Series A+ to publicly listed companies. 
Some of our active or former clients include Zalando, Tier, Free Now, Blinkist, World Health Organization (WHO), and many others.

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