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At Product People, we're on a mission to help companies discover and deliver great products. Faster. We empower our Product Management community of 14,000+ people to share knowledge generously whilst managing all the unglamorous hands-on work of a PM on an interim basis (3+ months). We onboard fast, align teams, and, deliver outcomes.

We are most effective in these scenarios, with Interim being the most frequent use case:

  1. Interim Product Manager (or Product Leader): parental leave covers (3-9 months), permanent position covers while a client hires the right full-time employee (3-6 months), or important and urgent initiatives that the current product team doesn't have the capacity for. E.g. drive product discovery and/or delivery to meet a deadline and create impact (3 months).
  2. Product Coach or Consultant: appraise skills and set up personal development plans. Create and streamline processes from 0 to 1, in hyper-growth or at scale.
  3. Product Discovery Lead: discover the next impactful initiative or product: market and user research to business model etc. Run a low or no-code pilot/MVP: discover, ideate, align the team, run, and kick off the next iteration. 

Our clients include Zalando, Tier, Free Now, OneFootball, Blinkist, World Health Organization (WHO), and many others.

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