At Product People, we're on a mission to help companies discover and deliver great products. Faster. We empower our 14,000+ people Product Management community to share knowledge generously whilst managing all the unglamorous hands-on work of a PM on an interim basis (3+ months). We onboard fast, align teams, and deliver outcomes.

Our clients include Zalando, Tier, Blinkist, and others.

About the Role

  1. Build up our Social Media strategy, implement our Brand + Marketing campaigns, and optimize our presence on platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and other relevant channels
  2. Manage media inquiries and interview requests; Identify, develop and maintain relationships with relevant journalists and other outlets 
  3. Establish and maintain contact with relevant organizations within the industry with the aim of initiating partnerships, or creating avenues for our team to deliver talks (i.e. webinars, podcasts, events)
  4. Maintain and improve our website to increase engagement and conversion with prospective clients and candidates
  5. Curate and source engaging content about Product Management including best practices, trends in the industry, promotional material, case studies, and other ideas that would boost growth 
  6. Organize and run our weekly live-streamed knowledge-sharing events and other events from A to Z. From looking for and securing expert speakers for the talks to executing them, and following up
  7. Work with the team and support them to create their own content and talks through which they will represent the company
  8. Monitor closely other communities and Product Management consultancies to keep track of best practices and new ideas in the sector
  9. Keep tabs on our digital communities and make sure everyone is respecting our guidelines

About You

  • Fluency with Social Media Marketing, including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and other rising and relevant channels
  • Excellent written and verbal communication in English
  • The ability to manage multiple projects, and multiple stakeholders
  • Familiarity with remote working tools (such as Asana, Notion, Slack and Google Drive)
  • Prior knowledge or experience in Product Management (Nice to have)
  • An understanding of or interest in developing SEO knowledge (Nice to have)
  • CET Timezone: Please be within CET +/- 2 hours. Our team meeting schedule is on CET times, and so are our current clients.

What Makes Us Special

  1. Accelerate your personal and career growth. 10x your learning and networking opportunities. We give timely, candid, and direct feedback and expect you to do the same. We run 3-month performance reviews for each person internally which helps us improve the team, and proactively promote people who show sustained performance at the next level.
  2. Structured onboarding and support network. Who says small companies need to be chaotic? Our onboarding guide contains everything you need, and if you need more, there’s our #help channel! We proactively share our learnings with each other through Sharing Sessions and help each other resolve complex situations through Rubber-Ducky peer-mentoring. 
  3. Aligned Incentives. Uncapped quarterly bonuses (e.g. client referral, employee referral, and others) paid for people still with the company at the end of the quarter, plus equity.
  4. Levels tied to compensation. Your compensation changes when your title and level change. This is not the case with other companies (e.g. someone promotes, but they don’t earn more money after). For fairness, we also practice the same compensation per level (L1-L10) and employment market. Bonuses are the same globally and public across the company (everyone can see who is getting which bonus at the end of the quarter and why).
  5. Paid sabbatical accrued every 3 years. You get a paid month off every 3 years, on top of your regular holiday allowance. You can optionally also take a 1-month unpaid sabbatical every 12 months. Must be approved 3+ months in advance to minimize the impact on client engagements and team workload. 
  6. [optional] 4-day workweek. Free up space and time to pursue an MBA, travel for a longer time, or just do nothing. Our default is a 5-day workweek, you can opt in and out of a 4-day workweek with at least one month's notice to minimize the impact on the team’s workload. The compensation impact is 80% of the salary in years 1-2, 85% of the salary in years 3, and 90% of the salary in years 4+.
  7. All expense paid team retreats. We meet in person every 6 months for a weeklong team retreat in a great location. We also encourage team members who are in the same cities or traveling to cities other team members are in to meet and expense the coffee/lunch/dinner.
  8. Remote working. We work distributed first. We recommend setting up a dedicated workspace for which you can choose to expense a MacBook, external monitor, ring light, room divider, and plants. As it can sometimes get lonely, consider that you’ll need to proactively schedule in-person meetings, sports, or other activities that provide a good cutoff and help you recharge after work. 

Note: Your application will only be considered for one position, so please do not apply to multiple positions.

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