About rready

rready is a Swiss startup dedicated to making innovation in organizations measurable, manageable and visible. We help the entrepreneurial spirit find its way into larger organizations by automating and streamlining their innovation funnel through modular online B2B SaaS platforms that are backed by a proven method. So far rready has empowered 1000+ intrapreneurs in global companies like Roche, Siemens Energy or Implenia.


Innovation & Intrapreneurship Catalyst

We are looking for a motivated Innovation & Intrapreneurship Catalyst who wants to be part of something big. By joining our fast-growing startup you will deliver immense value by driving the cultural transformation and innovation for medium to corporate-sized businesses.

You will coach and support intrapreneurship teams from our customers such as Implenia, Swisscom, CSS, and Roche along the Kickbox innovation process and use the gained experience to shape new innovation methodologies and concepts in the field of employee-driven innovation.


What you will work on and shape together with us

🐱‍👤Coach intrapreneurs

You will be responsible to coach intrapreneurs from our customers around the globe and across industries along the Kickbox process. 

You will support the intrapreneurs to stay focused and equip them with the right tools. Besides various coaching resources, you can make use of a set of specialist services such as no-code, legal services, rapid prototyping, etc. that are provided by our network of partners.

🤝Support along the process

You will help innovators to get unstuck in regular updates, challenging the status quo of their project and encouraging them to think bigger.

In the final phase of each project stage, you will help them to get ready to pitch in front of their management.

The scope of your interactions will range from brief phone calls, email updates to virtual half-day workshops and training sessions both online and eventually offline.

🐱‍🚀 Work on new methodologies

With Kickbox we are at the forefront of innovation methodologies.

With the acquired knowledge, you love to challenge the status quo and come up with new product offerings and value-added services for the intrapreneurship teams of our customers.

You live what you/we preach. For example, you designed, based on your experience with customers, a new ideation workshop? Great! Test and iterate with early adopters.

🙋🏾‍♀️Collaborate with your teammates

Together with our Customer Success team and your head coach, you are the face to our customers and end-user and value the success of their program and projects above everything.

You act as an advocate for your topics and help the team - from product to sales and leadership - to deliver new value drivers to our customers and partners.

You ensure that the information gathered about a customer is passed on to the relevant stakeholders within the company.

🤸🏼 Help to empower employees

With rready we are giving employees inside organizations the chance to reach their dream job and follow their passion.

Help us design a culture that is living up to this goal and makes a dent in the innovation scene.


You should apply if you...

✅ are an experienced coach leveraging methodologies such as lean startup and/ or human-centered design (2+ years)

✅ are enthusiastic to get up every day for the opportunity to help intrapreneurs unlock their potential and that of their idea

✅ feel comfortable empathizing with a broad range of subject matter expertise, industries, and cultures

✅ have work experience related to corporate innovation and/or intrapreneurship.

✅ have a master in business administration, psychology, or a related field, preferred with a focus on innovation. Or a proven track record of relevant coaching experiences.

✅ enjoy both conceptional and hands-on work.

✅ have excellent communication skills.

✅ are fluent in English and German. French is a strong plus.

✅ Are open for an adventure taking you out of your comfort zone regularly, making you a co-shaper of your role.

✅ are hungry to be part of an adventurous startup journey and to scale the business.


You should not apply if you...

⚠️ Are looking for a typical 9-to-5 job.

⚠️ Are expecting to be told what to do. You spot a problem or opportunity, you reach out and act upon it.


How we work at rready

💜 We are passionate about what we do

We commit to the mission to give every employee in any organization the opportunity to learn and apply the tools to innovate and shape our tomorrow. We enable them to follow their passion, discover their best self and create their dream job in the process.

Knowing that we can make a difference for others, we also bring our best self to work and strive to foster a work culture that helps us to achieve our mission.

🧙‍♂️ Magic = Team Effort

We own the topics that we work on, we constantly seek feedback and gather learnings across all areas in rready - and beyond. We view the organizations that join our movement as our partners and we care to develop solutions that actually have impact. We don't wait for magic to happen, we share and ask and reach out to create it.

🏃‍♀️We go all the way

Since we care about the outcome and effect of our products and services on employees and organizations, we make sure to deliver a high-quality standard throughout all that we do. It is absolutely ok to make mistakes, as long as we learn from it and care to share the gained insights with our team.

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