starcircle is a global strategic talent sourcing provider that helps large organisations globally to source and recruit hidden talent. starcircle is changing the way that top companies engage with talent. We go beyond job descriptions to identify high potential candidates that would otherwise have gone overlooked. We are talent universe explorers.

We are solving a huge problem for clients who are struggling to find talent by providing a new way of sourcing that is informed by data, accelerated by technology and guided by expertise.

We work with our clients by combining our technology, sourcing expertise, and exceptional customer service to create powerful custom solutions - informed by data, accelerated by technology, guided by expertise. We form long-term relationships with our clients, as a trusted sourcing business partnership, closely integrated through both our systems and our communications. We source profiles from outside of our client’s “field of vision” and we identify the long tail of suitable candidates that are difficult and time-consuming to find, making them accessible to our clients’ hard-pressed Recruiters.

We have empowered rapidly scaling clients to meet their complex, long-term needs by sourcing over 10 million candidates. Our team of starcircle analysts and expert advisors delivers unique insights from their exploration of the Talent Universe. We understand that no two clients are the same. We listen and respond, to exceed client requirements. Our advanced software solutions allow our team to deliver on our clients requirements.

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