Swarmia was founded to help every team achieve visibility into their own ways of working, a culture of small but continuous improvement, and great tooling to help them improve in a way that sticks. As Swarmia engineers, we’re not only building that tooling for our customers, but ourselves as well.

We're looking for people who are both generalists and specialists: we're a small team where everyone knows a little about everything, and everyone knows a lot about something.

Examples of things you'll do

  • Join other engineers, designers, and product management in defining the product direction and the features we’re building
  • Learn from some of the industry’s best engineering leaders who partner with Swarmia to help their organizations improve
  • Collaborate with your teammates – we actually prefer sharing knowledge over micro-optimizing efficiency
  • Design and implement changes to our database schema and GraphQL API to support an upcoming feature
  • Add & combine UI components according to - and gently guided by - our Design System and its React implementation
  • Review at least as much code as you write
  • Check with your teammates what they need most to get unblocked - and then do that first
  • Stare down an intimidating EXPLAIN output from Postgres, to make a slow query fast again
  • Correlate logs, system metrics, and error data from Sentry to pin down a bug
  • Learn what taking Postgres to the max looks like, by writing an SQL query that contains nested or recursive CTEs, some of which are dynamically generated - and which certainly won't fit onto your screen at once
  • Go spelunking in the GitHub/Jira/Linear API for some new bit of data, integrate it into our app, and turn it into something useful for our users
  • Jump into a customer support chat to help sort out a technical issue with our Customer Success team
  • Look near: See something in the app that bugs you? Just fix it!
  • Look far: See a technical challenge looming on the horizon? Discuss with your peers and start a process of correcting course, so we're ready for it when the time comes!

Tech stack

  • Strict-mode TypeScript everywhere, with a high test coverage
  • React frontend with Apollo Client, Styled System, React Testing Library etc
  • Node backend with Apollo Server, slonik, PostgreSQL etc
  • Infrastructure automated with Terraform on Google Cloud (Google Kubernetes Engine, PubSub, etc) and automatically deployed to production after each change

You don’t need to know all of the tools beforehand, though, we’ll be happy to show you the ropes!

What we offer

  • A highly experienced and motivated team
  • A domain that's very relevant (and hopefully interesting!) to any developer
  • 60-80 k€ annual salary plus a meaningful amount of equity
  • Paid annual vacation, with 10 extra days for new employees
  • Flexible model of work - pick your own balance of remote/office
  • Great work/life balance - we're a startup, but we don’t crunch and work in a unsustainable pace (many of us have kids and other responsibilities beyond work)

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