Why Sweep?

Sweep is the modern way to manage your company's carbon emissions and create impactful climate action at scale.

Our data-driven software platform makes it easy to understand, manage and reduce your carbon footprint. Powerful collaboration features and user-focused design empower your staff and even your value chain to make a cleaner business a reality. Our integrated marketplace enables companies to directly purchase the best negative carbon, securing what will soon become a scarce resource. And with all your data in one place, our analytics offers unparalleled insights into your progress, and automatic reporting to your stakeholder.

Are you ready to come clean?

  • Use your energy and skills to help solve the biggest issue humanity is facing right now.
  • We have big plans.
  • Help build this company from the ground up.
  • Be part of a driven and relaxed pan-European team.
  • We have B-Corp startup status and aim to build a business that is good for profit, people and the planet
  • You don't find a job suiting your profile? Apply to our open requisition indicating what you are looking for.

Current Job Openings


Engineering Manager
Paris, France
Senior Backend Engineer
Paris, France


General Application
Paris, France


Finance Sales Development Representative
London, England, United Kingdom