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🎬 We are making the future and changing everything we think we know about video production

📌 The role is remote in European time zones, or on-site from our offices in several locations

⚒ FE: JavaScript - React.js, HTML5/CSS3; BE: Python (Flask), Node.js, C++; Infrastructure: Docker, AWS (Lambda, Fargate, EC2, EKS); DB: Postgres, MongoDB;

👩‍💻 We need senior software engineers that would help us with the development of new features our customers need to have a smooth user experience.

💶 70-100k € brutto yearly + stock options - ATM we are putting talent over money though

🦄 We finished the year with a 50 million € Series B investment, so we will not turn off anytime soon.

⬇ Bellow, you find much more info and the apply button ✅

Who are we

Synthesia is the global leader in synthetic media. We are building the world's first video production studio - in a browser. As in, no cameras or film crews at all. You simply choose an avatar, enter your script in one of 60 languages, and your video is ready in minutes.

Here is how our Synthesia STUDIO looks like today:


About the position

In this position, you'll join our small (around 10) and extremely talented product team. You'll have a chance to work on scaling our current, fast-growing product and shape some of the next products in our pipeline.

Some of the projects our backend engineers work on include building out a custom video/audio rendering pipeline, implementing real-time collaboration/editing, optimizing video delivery/streaming, solving scalability problems, etc.


  • You ideally have a minimum of 5+ years of experience working on backend

  • You have experience creating and maintaining large-scale solutions, preferably SaaS

  • You are very pragmatic in your approach and you don’t over-engineer

  • You have the experience that ranges from early-stage start-ups to bigger, well-established organizations

  • You are on board to work in our stack

  • You know your distributed systems and are in this profession to solve complex technological problems

  • You have strong CS fundamentals

  • Experience with video rendering/streaming, optimizations for low-latency, or real-time editing (understanding concepts like OTs, CRDTs, etc.) is a huge plus

  • Good level of spoken and written English is required

How we work

We have a fast yet non-hacky development style. We work strictly with product managers who have a technical background. As a result, we do not overwhelm engineers with unrealistic expectations/requirements, and we can therefore move forward much faster. Well, we don’t have unrealistic expectations/requirements in the first place, since we see our roadmap as a set of high-level goals and we have no fixed timelines on deploying features - we want to get things to production as fast as possible.We do that by pushing features behind a feature flag - so not all users see all features, but our production is always updated. This brings zero-downtime deployments, backward compatible features, and similar challenges since our users should never be impacted.We follow SCRUM loosely - our engineers have one sync meeting per week, async text Slack dailies, we have no dedicated QA people, we work in super small & independent teams, we have no Jira and in our team, we only have engineers, no code monkeys.

For us, it's simple: give people time to do deep work. And help specify features that are limited in scope while discouraging hacky workarounds.

It's early for us and we don't know how right we are yet. But after two years of building our product team and core engineering principles, we can see that we are on the right track. Progress over perfection.

Working for Synthesia means working independently, making technical decisions and being responsible for them, being enabled and involved in the whole process of SDLC, and most importantly, putting arguments over ego. 😏
Urban Marovt, Fullstack developer @ Synthesia


Our stack & some context

We started to work on our main product - Synthesia STUDIO - almost two years ago with a very small team of engineers (BE and FS). We now have a functional MVP, that we develop, push forward and improve constantly but on the other hand, we have 3000+ daily users, and last year alone we generated 6+ million videos. 🤯 While we know, we have a long way to go, to bring our product to where we want it to be, we also have to be mindful of our existing userbase, which is also really involved with us and provides great feedback for each update and new feature we roll out.We have a lot of custom components and multiple layers of complexity, our product is constantly changing but if we try to sum up our stack:

  • Frontend is JavaScript/HTML/CSS using React.js + Redux;

  • Backend is a mix of Python, Flask, Node.js, and C++ components that are mostly containerized with Docker, and hosted on a number of AWS services (Lambda, Fargate, EC2, EKS)

  • We have a dedicated DevOps Engineer.


The good stuff...

In addition to being a part of a great team, working in a fun and innovative environment, we offer...

📌Remote in Europe or work from our offices in London, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Munich, Ljubljana or New York

📈Generous stock option plan

💰Performance based bonus


🌴25 days of annual leave + Bank holidays

👶Excellent Maternity/Paternity leave

🎊Fun culture with regular socials and company retreats twice a year

📨Generous referral scheme

💻Brand new MacBook




1. What is the hiring process?

We want to offer you a fast, smooth hiring process that also gives you a fair chance to get to know us and get all the information you may need, to make an informed decision.

This is our current process:

  • 📢 First stage: a screening call with Sara, our tech recruiter, to check your level of English, if the info written in the CV is accurate, and to give you a first insight into our company (30 min)
  • Second stage: a call with Gregor, Head of Product and Engineering. Gregor does a more in-depth tech screening but also gives you more information on how we engineer things (30 min)
  • Take-home assignment: we have a challenge for you to show us how you approach things (we don’t want you to spend more than a day on this)
  • Tech call: a call with someone from the engineering team to go through the challenge with you (to see, if you have coded it yourself, to give you time to elaborate and to provide feedback) (60 min)
  • Meet the team/founders: on this call, you usually meet one of the founders or people from the team and get a high-level understanding of where we are headed next (30 min)
  • References: We ask you to provide 3 references.

We usually make the offer at this point and all the calls that come after this are for you - to clarify any questions, to talk details about working arrangements, salary negations, and so on. If we are all quick about every step, we can be done in 10-14 days.

2. Where is Synthesia based?

We are a remote-first company with offices in several locations in Europe and US: London, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Ljubljana, Munich, and New York but we also have a bunch of engineers working remotely from other locations (Sweden, Croatia, India,...). If you join us you can either work remotely from Europe (GMT 0 +/- 2), from any of the offices or if you're not in any of these cities we can pay for a seat in a co-working space if needed.

3. Do we hire regardless of location?

Due to time zone convenience and operational complexity, we prefer candidates that work from European countries. We are in a privileged position to put talent over passports, so we can sponsor visas and help with relocation but only if your profile is exactly what we are looking for.

4. When was Synthesia founded?

Synthesia was founded in 2017 by a team of researchers and entrepreneurs from UCL, Stanford, TUM, and Oxford University. Notably one of the co-founders of the company is behind some of the most well-recognized research projects in the field, Deep Video Portraits, and Face2Face. The founding team members are:

5. Who are our investors?

Initial funding came from Mark Cuban and further investment was led by LDV Capital, joined by new investors MMC VenturesSeedcamp, Martin Varsavsky’s VAS Ventures, TransferWise co-founder Taavet Hinrikus, Tiny VC, and advertising executive Nigel Morris.

In Series A we raised $12.5M led by Firstmark Capital FirstMark Capital, with participation from angels Christian Bach (CEO, Netlify) and Michael Buckley (VP Communications, Twilio), as well as existing investors LDV Capital, MMC Ventures, Seedcamp, Mark Cuban, Taavet Hinrikus, Martin Varsavsky and TinyVC.

In Series B we raised $50 million led by Kleiner Perkins, with participation from Google Ventures and existing investors Firstmark Capital, LDV Capital, Seedcamp and MMC Ventures.

6. What's the culture like and what are our principles?

At Synthesia we’re passionate about building. Not talking, planning, or politicising. We strive to hire the smartest, kindest, and most unrelenting people and let them do their best work without distractions.

Our work principles serve as our charter for how we make decisions, give feedback, and structure our work to empower everyone to go as fast as possible.

  1. Long term thinking; short term execution
    🙇‍♂️ We think in quarters, years, and decades. But we embrace that the path will take unpredictable twists and turns. We avoid both futile planning and directionless execution.
  2. Outcomes over Inputs & Plans
    🚢 We value outcomes and iterations, not inputs. We keep planning and process work to a minimum and seek to reduce coordination costs and perfectionism in favor of velocity.
  3. Be an Owner
    🤴🏼 Acting like an owner is encouraged: asking questions, challenging decisions and showing leadership as long as it’s constructive. Career paths are forged by actions and ownership.
  4. Make the Journey Fun
    🤪 What’s the point if we’re not having fun? We strive for an informal, low hierarchy culture where we can all be our true selves.
  5. Default to Simple
    🧶Simple is better - until it's not. But in most cases, we can stick to very simple solutions until we've proven that it's working and there is a need for a more robust and sophisticated solution.
  6. Radical Candor
    🤡 Shying away from giving honest feedback is detrimental to excellence. We pride ourselves on being candid in a kind and compassionate manner.


7. What's the work/life balance like at Synthesia?

We don’t have any mandated core hours and in line with our culture, we trust our co-workers to be adult professionals that will do their jobs. We have a standard 40 hours workweek, with flexible working time. Most of us being located in the same time zone makes it easier for us to synchronize but we encourage asynchronous communication whenever possible so people can focus with the least amount of interruptions. We are a diverse group of professionals, from singles, youngsters, middle-aged couples to parents with kids of all ages. We are trying to make it work for everyone, to empower everyone to be a productive member of the team while hustling challenges life throws at all of us.

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