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We are a Munich-based startup building intelligent software for procurement founded by a motivated, tech-driven team and backed by Germany's leading digital entrepreneurs.

At Tacto, we believe that the next wave of technical progress will reshape the industrial world, the backbone of our economy. Procurement is the biggest value-driver in industrial organizations while its complexity in terms of parts, suppliers, requirements, and supply chains is ever-increasing. Organizations lack future-proof tools to retrieve actionable knowledge from the vast amount of information available - our opportunity.

We founded Tacto to build an intuitive and data-driven procurement solution to focus on what matters by automating what does not.

🌟 Why it matters

  • Industrial Mittelstand is the most important economic sector in Germany with over 10 million employees and we are helping them to be future-ready 🔥
  • Procurement is responsible for 50-70% of all value-creation in the industrial segment - there is no physical product in the world without procurement involved 🌎
  • 80% of carbon emissions come from suppliers, which is why suppliers are one of the most important factors in being future ready from economic performance to sustainability 🌳
  • Our customers are true entrepreneurs - hidden champions with great products that value innovation and honest relationships
  • Germany has a unique chance to bridge the new digital and old industrial economy to leapfrog the US & China in tech 🚀

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