Utopia Music

Be the one to say: “I helped change the music industry.”

We are a Swiss fintech company and we are taking on one of the music industry’s biggest challenges: The growing data gap. Music rights owners struggle to get paid timely, correctly and efficiently because there is no global standard to make use of music creation and consumption data.

We are changing that by introducing a proprietary data platform with embedded financing features. We know when a song has been played and we enable the compensation associated with the rights of this song, ensuring that payments go to the right person, faster, and securely. By making every play count, we help grow the music industry. That is our Utopia. And it could be yours too.

With ambitious goals to be achieved together we make sure we work in an open, inclusive and inspiring atmosphere, always learning and putting 'we' over 'me'. With our instruments being Tech & Data we contribute to a world that lets music come to life, for every human being and some furry friends (yes, Utopians seem to have a lot of pets) to enjoy.

So, in a nutshell: we make the music world a better place. If you are as hellbent as we are, on making this change happen, come and join our team.

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