Gaia Family


Gaia is a mission-led startup that combines reproductive health data with financial technology to make IVF treatments more accessible, affordable and individual. We work with large quantities of complex data around fertility treatments and outcomes to remove all ambiguity and increase success rates. Our first product is an innovative insurance and financing membership, reinventing access to fertility care, including IVF and Egg Donation.


Start with why. 

We believe that parenthood is a basic and fundamental right. Everyone should have the best chance of starting a family, regardless of their financial situation. The current fertility care model is broken because it is designed in an unfair and financially exclusive manner.

Gaia aims to remove the financial barriers from accessing fertility care with a product that predicts fertility outcomes and insures against the risk of failure. We are looking for people to join us in building a future where everyone who wants a family can try. 


Not another Enterprise SaaS. 

  • Founded in 2020, after the founder’s personal struggle with infertility and frustration with a process that so often sidelines the patient
  • We’ve raised over $23 million from some of the top VCs in the world.
  • We have developed the world’s first IVF insurance product trading in the Lloyd’s of London insurance market as a cover holder of the global insurer Beazley (big deal) 
  • We are using that investment to further scale our operations and begin expanding in the US


Qualities we hire for.



We appreciate people who are honest about where their knowledge is lacking and are very comfortable being wrong until they get it right. 



We believe creative people - those who connect the dots in an original way seeing things that others cannot see - are better able to thrive under ambiguity. 



We are building in an area that is extraordinarily complex and significantly broken. We are looking for people who aren’t just willing to push against the odds but actually enjoy it. 


How we do things. 


Start With Why

We understand simple ideas deeply to see what’s missing, identify the gaps, and fill them in. We let go of bias and preconceived notions


Make decisions quickly

Not rashly. We don’t believe there is always a stark tradeoff between something done fast and done well


Take risks

We assume calculated risk and own the consequences even in the absence of perfect information 


Be good 

Be good at what you do. Be good to others. Being respectful and helpful is just really cool. No one likes an asshole regardless of how brilliant they are (well documented) 


Join us if.

  • You want to be the difference between a family having a child or not 
  • You love solving hard problems with complex data 
  • You appreciate working with diverse set of people (8 nationalities in a team of 10) 
  • You want to dramatically improve the lives of millions of people 


What is in it for you. 

A respectful environment where you do your best work, get paid well (including meaningful equity), a commitment to growth and promotion and a flexible working arrangement



Mind your biases.

Research has shown that women are less likely than men to apply for a role if they don’t have experience in 100% of the requirements outlined in a job description. Please know that even if you don’t have experience in all the jobs advertised, but think you could do a great job and are excited about joining us in this important mission, we’d love to hear from you. Please apply. 


Current Job Openings


Senior Full Stack Engineer
London, England, United Kingdom
Technical Lead
London, England, United Kingdom


Payment Operations Manager
London, England, United Kingdom


Head of Credit
London, England, United Kingdom

Open Application

Open Application
London, England, United Kingdom