Who are you?

You are a psychologist (MSc) who wants to join us in improving mental well being in the Netherlands and all across Europe. You thrive in a dynamic and growing work environment.

  • You have 1+ years of experience as psychologist.
  • You have knowledge of interventions based on solution-focused therapy, ACT and/or CBT.
  • You are a self-starter, take initiative and carry responsibility.
  • You have excellent communication skills in, besides English, at least one of the following languages: Dutch, Polish or Portuguese: you are capable of conducting therapy in these languages.
  • You are a team-player and flexible.

The relationship with clients and colleagues forms the centre of your work. You start conversations, seek for connection and act decisively. You work solution-focused and you are able to come up with advice for your clients in a short period of time. You act from a ‘practice what you preach’ perspective. This appears from your expressions and your own reflections, the application of your interventions and your attitude to your clients and colleagues. You are a team-player, but you are also able to work independently. When you find yourself with a good idea or wish to develop yourself: you reach out!

Who are we?

OpenUp is an innovative platform focussed on mental health. We believe in a world in which working on your mental health is possible for everyone. We motivate people to implement positive behavioural changes in their daily lives. Not only when life challenges us, but also before: in a preventive manner. We enable people to start a conversation with a psychologist as easily accessible as possible.

OpenUp is open 6 days a week: for planned video consults, but als of or spontaneous consults via telephone or chat. We guarantee short term availability and accessibility. This, because we believe that that minimizes the barriers people experience to work on their mental health and because we know that emotions don’t do waiting lists.

Aside from that, we offer inspiring content, like webinars, articles and online programs.

We are working with 100+ (international) companies to contribute to the mental well being of their employees. We also work together with insurers, general practitioners and private individuals. OpenUp is for everyone!


What does your job look like?

Together with your client you work towards a goal in a set of sessions. In these online conversations, you are challenged to make that goal as specific as possible and to make an impact: what is the first step someone can take today?

Your work will be a mix of planned video consults, chat therapy and availability for spontaneous consults. Besides, you contribute to inspiring content, like our online programs, articles or webinars.


What do we offer?

  • A contract for 32-40 hours per week (also possible: a freelance contract for 8-24 hours per week).
  • A team with a variety of expertise like work and organisational psychology, health psychology or lifestyle medicine.
  • The values we give to our clients, we also practice on ourselves and team members!
  • Room for discussion, reflection, personal development and education
  • A job at the fastest growing mental-health care start up in Europe, where you contribute to innovation in health care
  • A nice work atmosphere, with joint lunches, drinks and a beautiful office in the centre of Amsterdam
  • Good salary
  • To give direction to your professional development, you receive a training budget that you can use for congresses, external supervision and courses

For more information you can reach out to Leonore Kemper, Head of Talent, through: leonore@openup.com.

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Our OpenUp and iPractice ventures help people become and stay mentally and physically healthy. We continuously develop our practice and online platform for mental well-being. Users can start directly with various online programs and connect face to face with a psychologist. All programs are evidence-based, result-oriented and short and sweet. Sustainable results come from daily practice and users are supported by an accessible system and network of psychologists. We offer our services all over Europe, in various languages. We help hundreds of people every day and the number of users is growing fast.

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