About Scorum

Scorum Group is an international product company in the gambling sector. We specialize in B2B services, delivering two primary products, Aviatrix and ZingBrain AI. Our mission is to empower gambling businesses worldwide by streamlining their operations and elevating the player experience with groundbreaking features.

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Why work at Scorum?

Joining Scorum means becoming a part of a company that prioritizes steady progress, efficiency and innovation. Our growth is consistent and thoughtful. We avoid sharp leaps in employee expansion, as we’re striving to ensure the correct establishment of processes and smooth development. This approach allows us to maintain a stable environment and makes Scorum a standout place to advance your career in the gambling industry.

Our benefits

Wellness program

Wellness Day: 4th Friday off monthly

Medical compensation

Paid sick leaves

Compensation for sports activities

Well-being webinars and workshops

Work & life balance

Remote work

21 working days of vacation

5 personal days per year

Professional development

English speaking club

Language learning bonus €150 per month

80% paid professional employee training

Provided tech equipment

Extra advantages

€150 for the arrangement of the workplace

Bonuses for significant events and additional personal days if necessary

Offline and online company parties and team buildings

How we hire

Step 1
Application 15-30 minutes
Choose the vacancy from the list, fill out the form and upload your CV. Our Recruitment team will get familiar with your experience and skills and provide feedback on our decision regarding your application
Step 2
Preliminary Call 30-60 minutes
Preliminary call serves as the first opportunity for us to learn more about your background, career goals, and to answer any questions you might have about the role or company
Step 3
Test Task 2-5 hours
Test task is asked to complete for specific positions. This step gives you a taste of what working with us could be like and allows us to assess your skills in a practical context
Step 4
Hard Skills Interview 30-60 minutes
This is an advanced interview focused on technical role-specific skills. Here is your chance to shine and demonstrate your proficiency in your chosen profession
Step 5
Final Interview 45-60 minutes
The last stage discussion centers around your fit with the company culture, your career ambitions and alignment with our team’s goals
Step 6
Reference Checks 1-3 business days
With your consent, we'll reach out to your referees to learn more about your work history, strengths, and how you contribute to a team
Step 7
Offer Presentation 30-45 minutes
Once we've confirmed you're the right fit for the role, we'll prepare a job offer and present it to you. This includes all the details about your role, compensation, and the next steps to join our team

The decision-making time between stages at Scorum typically spans 3 to 5 business days. However, some interviews or time intervals between interviews for decision-making may take more or less time than indicated, depending on the position, the candidate's specific experience, or other unforeseen circumstances. We are committed to maintaining a transparent and respectful hiring process, ensuring that all candidates are evaluated fairly and equitably. Additionally, we encourage candidates to ask questions at any stage of the process to clarify any concerns or requirements

Current Job Openings


Game Data Analyst
Tbilisi, Tbilisi, Georgia
Game Data Analyst
Kyiv, Kyiv, Ukraine