We have walked a few miles in your shoes, and we created Sifflet so you can run faster!

We are building the world’s best data observability platform to help companies excel at data-driven decision-making. Today half of a data team’s time is spent troubleshooting data quality issues, Sifflet is putting an end to that. Our solution allows data engineers and data consumers to visualize how data flows between their services, define data quality checks, and quickly find the root cause of any data anomaly. Companies such as Datadog and New Relic have improved the productivity of infrastructure teams tenfold. Our goal is to bring the same benefits to data teams. In a few years, every data-driven company will be using a data observability solution, and we want to be the best solution on the market (and of course, we have plans to go well beyond simple “data observability”). We are backed by tier-1 investors and work with customers all across the globe. Our number of clients is growing steadily, and we need to expand our team! ‍


Are we the company you’re looking for?

  • We have offices in Paris, but we’re very remote-friendly - several team members are fully remote.
  • We offer competitive salary and company equity.
  • We have experts on many topics, so there’s always someone to help. We also have weekly tech talks where everyone can discuss a cool project or technology.
  • We work on diverse projects, and we’re fast at building things. You’ll be exposed to a wide breadth of topics, and some cool tech (ML pipelines, parsers for many SQL dialects, self-healing single-tenant Kubernetes clusters, job orchestration, APIs and CLI, etc…).
  • We are a group of passionate and ambitious people. We value ownership, commitment, and teamwork.
  • We’re building a genuinely great product and think you’ll love the team!


Current Job Openings


Senior Software Engineer - Frontend
Paris - Remote France
Software Engineer - Integrations
Paris - Remote France


Enterprise Account Executive - North America
New York, Boston, Denver, Seattle, SLC