About Gelato
Gelato has built the world's largest and most global network for on-demand production of customized items e.g. t-shirts, wall art, mugs, books, hoodies, and cards. We support a new wave of e-commerce entrepreneurs and the global shift towards local and more sustainable production.

We own no assets - we build the software that connects world-class production facilities all across the world. We have more than 130 production partners in 32 countries. In 72 hours we can reach more than 5 billion people with customized products in a smarter, faster, and greener way.

Why we exist

Gelato is here to make creators around the world turn their dreams into reality. To help unlock their potential. To connect people and ideas everywhere, and turn them into real products that can be sold anywhere. Together we bring creativity to life. And into business.

The experience of running millions of micro-orders and expanding its network of production partners to serve its fast-growing global customer base became the foundation for what Gelato is today - rethinking production, for the benefit of people and planet. Through its network of more than 130 local production partners in 32 countries, Gelato gives creators access to a global production platform, where high-quality custom products such as clothing and wall-art can be produced locally while reaching a global market. By that Gelato is able to reduce shipping distances and delivery times, which is why products produced through Gelato’s platform are both faster, smarter and more sustainable.


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Current Job Openings


Implementation Manager
Atlanta, Austin, Denver

Direct Sales GelatoConnect

Enterprise Account Executive
London, Berlin, Barcelona

Marketing GelatoConnect

Product Marketing Manager
Oslo, Stockholm, Berlin, London, Barcelona, Madrid
VP Product Marketing
London, Berlin, Madrid, Barcelona, Oslo, Stockholm

Corporate Functions

Business Manager, CEO's Office
Oslo, London, Madrid, Barcelona, or Berlin


Data Analyst, Finance & Strategy
London, Stockholm, Tallinn, Oslo, Madrid, Barcelona



Senior Manager, Expansion (US)
Atlanta, Denver, Boston

Operations Support

Operations Support Manager
Singapore, Lahore


Senior Infrastructure Engineer
London, Stockholm, Tallinn, Oslo, Madrid, Barcelona


Senior Frontend Engineer
Madrid, Barcelona, Lahore
Senior Frontend Engineer (Angular)
Madrid, Barcelona, Lahore
Senior Software Engineer (GoLang)
Madrid, Barcelona, Lahore
Senior Software Engineer (PHP)
Lahore, Madrid, Barcelona, Kyiv, Tallinn
Senior Software Engineer (Python)
Barcelona, Madrid, Lahore

Product Management

Lead UX Designer
London, Stockholm, Oslo, Tallin, Berlin, Madrid, Barcelona
Product Manager
London, Stockholm, Tallinn, Oslo, Madrid, Barcelona