At NEORIS we continue to grow and want you to participate by adding more people to our Teams. Invite them to be part of new and challenging projects that span multiple geographies, favoring their professional development. We are NEORIS! As a digital accelerator we help companies step into the future! Currently, we are looking for Bilingual UX Researcher.
  • Specialist focused on planning, execution, analysis, and communication of research with a user-centered design approach, combining a mixed-methods (qualitative and quantitative) approach in exploratory and evaluative studies (user tests).
  • Experience or knowledge in Service Design, including the ability to map processes, identify key touchpoints, and design comprehensive solutions that optimize the interaction between the customer and the company.
  • Understands and applies user-centered strategic design and Design Thinking. Capable of articulating concepts, facts, and hypotheses to make decisions considering the future implications of those decisions. Views design in a holistic manner, impacting culture, organizational structure, people management, or change management through practice.
  • Due to producing a significant amount of deliverables/information inputs for decision-making, applies various cross-functional knowledge management inputs to different teams involved in Product, Technology, and Experience. Helps challenge preconceived notions, build actionable knowledge, and determine design requirements. Enables the discovery of unmet needs of target users, hidden motivations, barriers, and blocks.
  • Assign, schedule, prioritize, and readjust specialty tasks according to the previously defined times and scope for each project.
  • Design and conduct user research to identify needs, pains, behaviors, and expectations regarding design proposals.
  • Creation of Service blueprints, customer journeys, ecosystem maps, stakeholder maps, empathy maps, customer lifecycles, service safaris, business model canvas.
  • Support in the configuration of prototypes, if necessary.
  • Execute exploratory and/or evaluative research, applying techniques and tools that best fit the evaluation needs.
  • Analyze the collected data from the evaluation exercise to iterate the proposed solution.
  • Document research activities correctly from planning to the delivery of results.
  • Organize and communicate results incorporating insights and validation of hypotheses to team members and other project stakeholders.
  • Systematize the production of Design Research inputs.
  • Manage communication and coordination with Design Research with the client and the design team.
  • Statutory & Major benefits
  • Personal Growth
  • Attractive benefits plan
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Aurea Jacqueline Vázquez Domínguez



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