Becoming a CLEVR Imagineer 

We are a diverse group, and we are growing fast. With over 205+ Imagineers spread across 7 different offices in 5 countries, CLEVR is creating a movement. A movement where we increase our impact and our reach. It is our infinite goal to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable digital success via our smart, savvy, social and sustainable Software-with-a-Service solutions. We do all this with our team of enthusiastic, CLEVR Imagineers who love to bring out the best in each other and strive for success and fun in their work. 

Gartner predicts that by 2024, low-code application development will account for more than 65% of application development activity. Counting with more than 400 customers in 18 countries, CLEVR already has a dominant position in this market because of our experience, customer base and strategic partnerships with Mendix and Siemens. With you we can make CLEVR and our customers even more successful…Just imagine the possibilities. 


Current Job Openings

Customer Support

Technical Application Customer Support Lead
Amersfoort, the Netherlands

Developer Tooling

Product Manager (Mendix Developer Suite)
Amersfoort, the Netherlands


Mid-Level Product Developer
Amersfoort, the Netherlands

IT System Management

Senior IT Systems Admin/ Cloud Engineer
Amersfoort, the Netherlands


Project Manager
Sandvika, Norway

Marketing & Sales

Sales Account Executive
Sandvika, Norway/ St. Ingbert, Germany

People & Places

Technical Recruiter
Saarland, Germany

Services Germany

Experienced Mendix Consultant (low-code)
St. Ingbert (Saarbrücken) & Hamburg, Germany
Mendix Expert Consultant (low-code)
St. Ingbert (Saarbrücken) & Hamburg, Germany
UX/UI Designer
St. Ingbert (Saarbrücken) & Hamburg, Germany

Services Netherlands

Experienced Mendix Consultant (low-code)
Amersfoort, the Netherlands
Mendix Expert Consultant (Low-code)
Amersfoort, the Netherlands
Open Application
Amersfoort, Utrecht, Netherlands

Various departments

Amersfoort, St. Ingbert, Hamburg, Sandvika